Aesthetic dentistry is a special branch within dentistry, which is similar to art rather than traditional dental treatment. In these cases there is generally no replacement of lost teeth, but the aesthetic, positional and formal defects of existing teeth are corrected. These treatments usually concern only a few teeth. The primary motto is: Have a nicer smile without seeming artificial.

About the treatment

It is always preceded by a thorough consultation where the first step is that with your close cooperation, the dental technician and dentist become completely familiar with your needs and select the most suitable treatment alternative in order to achieve a perfect result.

– Prior to the start of the treatment we take special macrophotos, which allow the dental technician to make completely realistic pressed ceramic shells, crowns or zirconium crowns similar to the inner structure of your own teeth, which perfectly adjust to your personality.

– As the second step, we make a study imprint which enables the technician to model the planned teeth from wax on a gypsum model or to design them digitally with CAD/CAM technology. Thus you can see the form of any future crowns before beginning the grinding.

– If the designed replacement meets with your requirements, we can begin the actual work. The teeth will be ground with a special shoulder preparation, which reduces the gum inflammation to a minimum level.

– If you still have doubts about the success of the results, you may receive a long-term plastic tooth replacement in order to achieve a perfect result. You can try these teeth and make sure that you can bite, chew, speak and check their aesthetics. Should any problem occur, it is very easy to make changes to achieve the desired result.

– Finally, if you are perfectly satisfied, we can prepare the final crowns. Thus the expected success will not fail and you can leave our surgery with your nicest smile!