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Its preparation and design (CAD) are performed in Győr (Hungary), but the manufacturing of the work (CAM) is carried out in the German factory.


Implantation systems used in our office: Nobel Biocare, ICX


Dental fear is a reaction caused by the dental treatment in patients. Its extent may move on a wide range.


Our completes works. Before-after images

Our headline services

Porcelain is a wonderful material that reflects the light like the natural teeth. If they are prepared with appropriate expertise by a specialist experienced in aesthetic dentistry then they perfectly provide the aesthetics of the surrounding natural teeth...


If you have one/more missing tooth/teeth or possibly all your teeth are missing then dental implantation may be the ideal solution for your problems that has become a routine procedure nowadays. Implantations restore not only the feeling and aesthetics of natural teeth, but they also restore the familiar function…


Modern dental office in Győr, fulfilling all requirements. Patient-centred care, new aesthetic dental supplies, with maximal expertise and guarantee. In the last few years I had the opportunity getting to know the supply of foreign and Hungarian patients in more large offices. My aim is to achieve the satisfaction of my patients applying the experiences acquired there, in my new dental office. In my dental office besides good quality, long-lasting result and materials of perfect quality I consider formation of personal contact, appropriate confidence and conviviality to be also important. It is important for me to inform my patients properly about the procedures to be performed and about applied techniques. As a dentist my aim is that my patients be absolutely satisfied after the intervention and to provide them a long-lasting, well-functioning service of good quality.