Quality is important for us, so that we have to provide the best dental technician background for the long-term effectivity and success. That is why we chose the company of BEGO, located in Bremen, Germany. BEGO is present in more than 100 countries in the world and it has been operating since 1890 with significant fame in the area of dental industry. Preparation and design of the dental technician work (CAD) are performed in Győr, but the manufacturing (CAM) takes place in the German factory that we receive back by post within 2 working days to fabricate a ceramic veneer.


A procedure developed and patented by BEGO that results in outstanding quality in case of the production of metallic frames.


-outstanding structural characteristics and smooth material density
-metallic frames without tension
-excellent fitting accuracy
-outstanding bonding force to ceramics applied for veneering.


Procedure developed for manufacturing zirconium frames, where according to data sent by us a robot carves the crown and bridge frames. Its ADVANTAGE: it does not require dental technician finishing compared with products of other companies, so that the crown and bridge frames do not lose from their accuracy.